History of the Game

Games that have included kicking a ball into a goal have dated back all the way to the second century in Eastern Asia. However, the modern sport of soccer(also called football) was developed in 1863 in England.

In the schoolyards of England's schools, schoolboys started to play recreational games of a sport in which they kicked a ball that was flat on the top and bottom into a gaol. Each school had its own set of rules. Once these boys started to graduated, they wanted to keep playing the sport so they created their own clubs. On October 26, 1823, representatives from 11 different clubs came together to create a common set of rules. One of the clubs decided to withdraw from the convention once the rule was made that you cannot run with the ball or hack an opponent. This club went on to create the sport of rugby. At the end of this meeting, 14 laws were created.

By 1831, 50 different soccer clubs had been created. In 1904, representatives from seven different countries met in Paris to create the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). This association eventually created the World Cup. In this tournament, countries would form a team using only the best players from their country. Teams from countries accross the world would compete to find the best team in the world.

Soccer has since grown to become on of the most popular sports in the world. Some of the biggest stadiums in the entire world are for soccer clubs. Today, FIFA has representatives from 205 countries. There have also been 17 World Cups to date. The next one is in 2014 in Brazil. This is why it is easy to see how this sport is a worldwide sensation.


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